H.M.S. Pinafore, 2015 (Mock's Crest Productions)

"One person deserves special notice, Kohl as Josephine, a fluffy ingenue in white who at one point practically levitates off the stage in a blend of gorgeous voice work and hilarious physical humor. Example: When she’s running toward her father (the marvelous Bobby Winstead) to embrace him, she slams into a mast as he walks away, distracted. She veritably shakes with power and glee when things go her way, all the time offering perfection in her high soprano range. A woman who is beautiful, talented, and very funny (think Carole Lombard) can rule the world – at least the magical world upon the stage. Forget the British navy." - Holly Johnson, Oregon Music News

"Cassi Kohl, as Josephine, was a good singer, with a Broadway musical bent to her voice, but able to negotiate the typical vocal challenges of the lead soprano role so often assigned by Sullivan (think the coloratura of Mabel, in Pirates of Penzance). Kohl is a gifted comedienne, with rubber face, and an arsenal of gestures and stances invoking Lucille Ball/Carol Burnett." - Bruce Browne, Oregon Arts Watch

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, 2015 (Clackamas Repertory Theater)

"Director Don Elias’s cast at Clackamas Rep is blessed with a solid crop of musical comediennes and reliable character actors. Cassi Q. Kohl as the secretary Rosemary, who falls at first glance for Finch and seems too smart to be so dumb, turns in yet another appealingly polished performance." - Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch

The Wizard of Oz, 2016 (Enlightened Theatrics)

"Another standout is Cassi Kohl as the Scarecrow. Her physicality during the floppy scarecrow dance numbers is memorable. Not only can she sing, she can make me believe, if only for a moment, that her bones are made of stuffed straw." - Melissa Kniazeva, Portland Lifestyle & Family

"Portland’s Cassi Q Kohl is another stand-out as the floppy-armed Scarecrow. And while we are on the topic of a female Scarecrow—who fit in seamlessly, by the way—let me compliment Enlightened on its overall DIVERSITY OF CASTING. Let’s have more of that, please." - Jay Gipson-King, Salem Weekly News

Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards, 2015

"Cassi Q. Kohl, looking like a punk polka-dot Carmen Miranda, sashayed onstage waving a kazoo, barked 'Hit it, Reece,' to pianist Reece Marshburn, who led the sharp onstage trio, and launched into a roof-rattling comic version of Baby, I’ve Got a Screw Loose for You." - Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch

She Loves Me, 2014 (Lakewood Center for the Arts)

"The supporting cast is excellent, in particular Cassi Q. Kohl as the loose-and-brassy clerk Ilona." - Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch

"Cassi Q. Kohl is a lot of fun as the sexy, man-seeking Ilona who finds love when she meets an optometrist at the library, and in the delightful song, 'A Trip to the Library,' she tells the story." - Holly Johnson, Oregon Music News

Carousel, 2014 (Clackamas Repertory Theater)

"The roles are beautifully cast and well-sung. As the flirtatious Carrie, Cassi Kohl gets all the laughs you'd expect, yet she also captures the character's longing for security, and proves to have a nice touch in the show's darker scenes. " - Patrick Brassell, Broadway World

"Other strong voices and fine characterizations come from the marvelous tenor Jonathan Quesenberry as Mr. Snow, a young man who has ambitions to get rich, and Cassi Kohl as Carrie Pipperige, his vivacious fiancee. Kohl combines energy and warmth as she shapes Carrie into one of the strongest figures in the show." - Holly Johnson, Oregon Music News

Good News!, 2017 (The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts)

"Cassi Q Kohl, brought down from Portland for her first Shedd show, gives a dazzling turn as Babe O’Day, the good-time flapper who dumps Beef Saunders (Evan McCarthy) for third-string quarterback Bobby Randall (Jim Ballard). Kohl knows comedy and draws seemingly effortless laughter and applause." - Bob Keefer, Eugene Weekly

"As Babe the flapper, Cassi Kohl, a professional actor from Portland, often steals the show with her comic antics and dazzling singing." - Dorothy Velasco, The Register-Guard

Elephant & Piggie's We Are in a Play!, 2015 (Seattle Children's Theater)

"The actors depend on their mannerisms, speech, and expressions to covey their Piggie-ness and Gerald-ness; within a few minutes of taking the stage, the audience was completely won over by their characterization. They sound like Piggie and Gerald. They move like Piggie and Gerald. Cassi Q. Kohl and Jon Lutyens are Piggie and Gerald. A quick glance over my shoulder revealed a room full of smiling, engaged families with shining faces, full of delight. It was children’s theater at its best." - Kelly Rogers Flynt, Seattle's Child

"Jon Lutyens as Gerald and Cassi Q Kohl as Piggie do a high-energy bounce around the stage. They have songs to sing, dances to dance, and even some acrobatics to perform [...] lessons are embedded in the charming songs and physical humor." - Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times